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Staff Development & CPD – Full day/ Half Day or Croke Park hours

  • Inclusion and Special Education Teaching Model in Every Classroom
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment and Questioning Skills
  • Behaviour interventions and Systems
  • Care Teams – Student Support Teams
  • Transition Planning from Primary School
  • Learning Skills and Group Work/ Collaboration in Class

Staff/School Project

  • School Self Evaluation
    Identify and support target area
    Delivered over a number of visits
  • DEIS Planning
    Support the DEIS planning
    Staff CPD and group work
  • In-school Management CPD
    School systems
    Working in Groups
    Developing systems around new roles
  • Policy Review
    Review of Targeted Policy
    g Code Of Behaviour Review of Posts
  • SNA CPD in Behaviour and Inclusion


Student Learning & Study Skills

  • Learning to LearnFull day of Learning Skills
    Junior and Senior Years
    Full year groups and Class groups

    Skills and Strategies developed
    Active Workshops

    Students and Teachers involved
    Group Work Skills demonstrated

  • Transition Workshops
    First YearsFull day workshops
    Exploring transition and helping
    develop and transfer skills from Primary
    Students and Teachers Involved