Can we help you?

We want to try to help, if you are on the list below…

  1. A secondary school student who
    • wants to explore your career options in an objective process. Creating a profile of learning and social skills and the vocational choices available to you. College and Study Planning.
    • who wants a focused effective study environment with structured timetable and revision templates provided. Company with structure.
    • who wants to develop your practical skills in learning, understanding and remembering information by attending short workshops to build your skills and practice.
  2. Have a Specific Learning Need e.g Dsylexia and want to know more..
  3. A parent who needs support to understand your child learning needs..
  4. You are in college or university and you have choices to make on your course and you don’t know what to do……
  5. Finished college, have the degree and not sure what next….Post Graduate Study, how and what to do..
  6. You are working in a job and have a few years experience….. you know that you are not pushing yourself forward .. you need a plan for moving on and up…life and career planning
  7. Out of structured paid work and not sure what to do with your life next..
  8. You have a Curriculium Vitae CV and Letter of application that needs to improve
  9. Have confidence and anxiety concerns in your work and need support
  10. You have an interview and want help…
  11. A professional and want to explore ways to develop and expand your career path
  • Subject choice at Second Level for Leaving Certficate
  • CAO college choices
  • Post Leaving Cert courses and linking to higher education
  • Apprenticeships and Earn and Learn options
  • Post Graduate , Masters and Doctoral choices
  • Research choices during Courses
  • Specialsiations during courses and early planning