Career Guidance

Career Profiling is also available to individual students or adults.

We work with you based on your needs, about half of our students are school students and the remaining 50 % are a mix of professional students wanting to make career choices during or at the end of college and adults looking to change or improve their career options. What can I do? For a lot of our clients is a key question. Our aim is to provide you with the information to be able to make good choices.

For many of our students from school the key piece of work is a Career Profile of their skills and strengths with a learning and CAO focus.

This is a 3-hour process with the student and the career counsellor. During this time, a comprehensive profile is created for the student using a mix of standardised testing, career interest testing and strengths testing. This profile is used with the interest of the student to generate and explore a CAO lists of courses. A learning profile is also completed where appropriate and a study and revision plan created with the student.

Organising your career research and having set targets to follow is important to prevent you from making rash decisions.

Follow up support is also available across the cycle up to and including change of mind in July of the year applying to college.


The ideal process for working with a school student is outlined below, but we can work with you at any stage of your career journey and many of our post-graduate clients are coming for the first time.



Adult and Post Graduate Career Guidance

For the majority of our adult clients they have the following issue/s:

  1. In college and have a choice to make and need some guidance on what I could do?
  2. At the end of college and need help finding what next? More study or work or travel? Or all three?
  3. An adult in work and wanting to return to some form of study, to progress in your current career or to facilitate a change of career but you are not sure want to do? and how to go about it? What can I do and not do?
  4. An adult who has not been in formal education, and wants to start, what are my choices
  5. An adult who has retired or semi retired and would like to take some program of learning or study but you are not sure what you can do.
  6. Or you could be a combination of the above or none of the above. Our aim is to help you in, with the majority of clients, in an hour session and to be available to follow up if needed but we do not expect you to need to come back often, but your very welcome to come back to keep us updated on progress.


Educational Decision Making

  • Subject Choice for Leaving Certificate –
    • Helping the student make informed choiced through a solution focused conversation and learning habits profile to make the best choice within the options available. This 1 hour session at the end of 3rd year or during Transition Year and involves a Learning habits profile with an examining of the best options available to the student.
  • Degree and College options during courses, specialisations to take, subjects to drop? What next? Second year? Erasmus? Work Placement? What to do?
  • Finished your degree and not sure what your Post Graduate options are?
  • Research Support, help get unstuck in the process of research at degree and post grad level.

For most of the appointments, it is a single session for 1 hour is all that is needed, with follow up where needed.

  • Subject choice at Second Level for Leaving Certficate
  • CAO college choices
  • Post Leaving Cert courses and linking to higher education
  • Apprenticeships and Earn and Learn options
  • Post Graduate , Masters and Doctoral choices
  • Research choices during Courses
  • Specialsiations during courses and early planning