Supervised Study

Our Desks

We provide a professional learning environment for students studying at second and third level.

This is an individual study space. You can see from the images here and in our gallery that we encourage our full time students to make use of all the wall space and notice boards available to them. We want you to feel like it is your office. Your personal learning space. We will do your study plan and type it up and encourage you with support workshops and revision planning.

Success of Learning House Study

  • Target setting & study plans with students and Guidance Counsellor – New 2018
  • Individual large desks
  • Two hour study blocks
  • No Mobile Phone during study
  • Laptops with WiFI access available
  • Study available during holidays
  • Subject support workshops – New 2018

Access to 50% reduction in cost for study, learning and subject workshops- New 2018

We provide an Exam like study environment with a focus on creating a warm and welcoming place to learn.  

Study Options and Timings 

Senior and Exam Students

 Desk available from 4.00 PM until 9.00 PM Monday – Friday & 10.00 AM until 6.00 PM Saturday

Total of 32 Hours Desk time available – € 45 per week during term

All students have a desk/space to leave all books, materials and use notice boards etc. Laptops and WiFi access with study plan and revision plan completed with all full time students

(Students have flexibility with hours attended)

Junior Students

Desk available for 2 hours only

Monday – Friday (Early or Late Study)

Desk available from 4.30-6.30 PM or 7.00 – 9.00 PM Monday – Friday

   Total of 10 Hours Desk time available – € 25 per week during term – New 2018

Students have access to empty desk and take all materials home with them. No access to Laptops. Early or Late full week study is booked for the week (Mostly 1st and 2nd year students, does not include Saturday).

Students can start late occasionally for sports/ grinds etc.

All students’ sign in and out of study and full accounts of attendance times are available to parents if needed.

Holiday Block Study– these are full days of study similar to Saturday and Sunday. These usually run for 5 days each block, with four blocks of two hours study with breaks. They run at the following times and places are allocated first to students who study with us during the week, Midterm Breaks, Easter, Christmas and Pre Exams in May/June.

What we expect of you if you study with us:

  • Students sign a shared agreement to support the aims of the centre

Mobile phones are not allowed during study time and MUST be stored in the Phone Hotel and can be used during breaks.

  • Laptops and Printing are available in the Café and can be used by booking time on them each evening ( blocks of 20 mins) Wifi available on laptops, all history monitored
  • Students must support each student by creating the best learning environment. Exam like conditions each day. No talking to others during study time.
  • You must challenge yourself to be your best here.
  • When you need help ask and we will do all we can to get you any help needed
  • Keep your desk and study area organised – if not we will guide you to sort it out with you

What you can expect of us at Learning House

  • An environment that will help you achieve you best results
  • Individual study plan for each student based on school timetable
  • Revision sechedule for each subject and access to learning and study workshops
  • Access to laptops and printing
  • Tea and coffee and refreshments. Snacks and Fruit. All included in fee.
  • Guidance supported study planning
  • Any student who is creating ongoing distraction will not be able to keep desk
  • Career support if required is available (separate apointment and cost)